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Zachary Collins

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18-year old entrepreneur. Co-founder of Stublisher. Coca-cola addict.

At the age of 13, Zachary was introduced to Geocities where he soon realized he could make money off of the Internet and really make a difference. As time went on, Zachary created Twtbase, a Twitter application database, which was praised by Mashable and was eventually sold. Next he co-founded Yazzem, which was a social network aimed at discussions in 200 characters or less (like a Twitter meets discussion board, with statuses, messaging, etc.) After Yazzem was acquired, he worked on a few other projects including Mabzy – allowing people to check-in to websites – and RebuzzThis – which served over a 1,000,000 Google Buzz share buttons each day. Now Zachary is the co-founder of Stublisher, a platform that aggregates photos from around the world at different events.

Zachary has also been named a Teen Entrepreneur to Watch by Techcrunch and nominated as a Top 10 Young Developer of the Year by .net Magazine.

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