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Siouxsie Downs


Started a youth leadership NPO at 15 and started writing for an international media company by 16. Currently working with UnCollege and helping develop humanitarian engineering technology and is especially interested in energy from thorium.

Siouxsie started working on her first company at 15 when creating a non profit called Youth Enacting Social and Political Change. It was a grassroots based program to get youth to rally around values, service projects, and leadership instead of political platforms. She has spoken to large audiences for the American Legion and VFW regarding this program. It has spread to several states and weathered it’s own share of growing pains in the past couple of years.

After, she was contacted by a member of Mercury One’s executive team inviting her to become a writer and researcher for the international media company. The ability to analyze global issues and their affect on people in the US and abroad pushed her to continue pursuing her interests in technology.

By the time Siouxsie was attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, her focus had shifted entirely to becoming an entrepreneur and to developing a humanitarian engineering company that provides people around the world the ability to live self-determined lives. She is working with a venture media company, a tech development company, an education tech company  and (to connect young entrepreneurs and innovators) , she is also writing a TEDx talk for later this year, is applying to the Thiel Fellowship, and is slated to attend the UnCollege Gap Year program in January. She is also an avid off-road motorcycle rider and roller derby player.

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