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Tallia Storm

  Every so often, something quite raw and interesting comes along to the music scene and give the reaction of this unsigned 15-year-old’s native Scotland, it is perhaps Tallia Storm. Nothing contrived, just a deep soulful signature reminiscent to that from the Motown era, belying her age. The Tallia Storm vocal, with her trademark ‘big […]

Cam Perron

At the age of 12 Cam Perron became obsessed with the Negro Baseball League. Today, he reunites team members and awards the players with the recognition they deserved decades ago. Cam Perron’s interest in the Negro Baseball League began at the age of 12 when he began collecting autographs of retired baseball players. It quickly […]

Safeer Mohiuddin

Safeer started his first business when he was 16 and ended up selling $100,000 worth of iPhones. He currently is the founder of Underage Investor and attends UC Irvine.  Safeer Mohiuddin is a 20 year old Silicon Valley native. He is currently studying Computer Science at University of California, Irvine. He started his first business […]

Daniel Ahmadizadeh

Daniel Ahmadizadeh is the chapter leader for the New York City 2 Billion Under 20 Chapter. Daniel is an aspiring entrepreneur passionate about serving others. He has previously worked as an associate for a venture capital firm that catalyzes epic entrepreneurial endeavors that matter and as an associate for a non-profit organization that addresses the global healthcare […]

Catherine Stevens

Catherine is passionate about education, ed-tech and helping self-directed learners find resources, support and community. Catherine Stevens is passionate about helping open up access to what has traditionally been called “college.” She has worked in education and ed-tech for the past two and a half years, first as an academic tutor (in college as well as […]

Charlotte Lee

Charlotte Bravin Lee is a 17 year old writer, artist and curator of Teen Art Gallery, who wants to help young teens find a platform for their creative pursuits. Since Charlotte was young, she has always had pencil or paintbrush in hand. After realizing that so few people saw her creative endeavors, she took matters […]

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Adam J. Gramling

Adam is currently a USC Biomedical Engineering and Entrepreneurship student who is working on a project for oil companies to recover from oil spills using powerful magnets. Adam J. Gramling is a nineteen-year old aspiring entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who wishes to change the world. He attended Purdue University as an engineering student before transferring […]

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Lou Wegner

 Lou is an accomplished teen actor as well as a passionate Animal Activist. Lou is an accomplished teen actor, having been in Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans, Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With the Curve, Modern Family and many well-known films and TV productions.  Particularly poignant to Lou is his work with director JW Myers in the family film “A […]

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Suyash Srijan

Suyash is a 17 year old who is head over heels in love with programming and entrepreneurship and hopes to study at an Ivy League college.  Suyash Srijan is a 17-year old programmer and technology lover from India.  He co-founded a small startup called Blix Corporation with his friend when he was in grade 9 to develop softwares and got featured […]

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Brittany McMillan

Brittany McMillan (now 18) is a self-acclaimed nerd, future elementary school teacher and depression survivor who started her anti-homophobic bullying campaign, Spirit Day, at age 15. Brittany McMillan is an 18 year-old equal rights activist from Surrey, British Columbia. She has made several lists including The Advocate’s 2012 ‘Top 40 Under 40′ and The Daily […]

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