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About the Book

Approximately 6.97 billion people inhabit earth today. Roughly 2 billion of these people are under the age of twenty. Each of these 2 Billion Under 20 has a distinct voice and an inspiring story to tell.

The 2 Billion Under 20 book idea was formed in the summer of 2012 at a Thiel Fellowship Summit when Alex Peake gave a speech about the power that the millennial generation has to change the world in remarkable ways.

Co-authors Jared Kleinert and Stacey Ferreira decided to expand on this idea in the form of a book that recounts stories and experiences from some of these inspirational young individuals who are under 20 years old.

This inspiring millennial generation book is complete with stories from amazing young people like Paige McKenzie who started her own YouTube channel at the age of 16 that now has more than 55 million views and Cam Perron whose passions include creating baseball cards for past members of the Negro Baseball League and reuniting these long lost teammates. The book empowers people of all ages to follow their dreams and set goals to advance their passions or careers.

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