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Daniel Ahmadizadeh

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Daniel Ahmadizadeh is the chapter leader for the New York City 2 Billion Under 20 Chapter.

Daniel is an aspiring entrepreneur passionate about serving others.

He has previously worked as an associate for a venture capital firm that catalyzes epic entrepreneurial endeavors that matter and as an associate for a non-profit organization that addresses the global healthcare crisis by designing, building, and implementing innovative mobile technology.

A student at Stony Brook University, Daniel has founded organizations ranging from the quidditch team, to the first college chapter of Watsi, a global funding platform for medical treatments that connects donors with people in need of medical care and enable them to fund low-cost, high-impact treatments.

Daniel lives in New York City. He is spearheading building community for 2 Billion Under 20 in New York, seeking to build a network of inspiring individuals that strive to positively impact the world.

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