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San Francisco


Stacey Ferreira is the chapter leader for San Francisco.

Just one day after graduating high school, Stacey Ferreira moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California to start a business with her brother, Scott Ferreira and their friend Shiv Prakash.  Together, the three of them began building the platform that is known today as MySocialCloud – an online platform that allows individuals to store their usernames and passwords for auto-login.

Two months after she moved to Los Angeles and at the age of 18, Stacey noticed a tweet sent by Sir Richard Branson (of the Virgin Group) asking 25 of his followers to donate $2,000 to charity and meet him in Miami.  Wanting to meet the well-known entrepreneur, Stacey and Scott donated $4,000 that led to them landing a $1mil investment by Branson, Jerry Murdock (Insight Venture Partners) and Alex Welch (CEO/Founder of Photobucket).

After the investment, Stacey ventured to New York City to complete her freshman year studying Music Business at NYU while also working on MySocialCloud. During this period she was very active in the entrepreneurship scene serving on the executive board of 4 NYU entrepreneurship/technology blogs.

Since her freshman year, Stacey moved back to Los Angeles to work full time on MySocialCloud while speaking at various events, including a TEDxYouthSanDiego and GRAMMY week.

While currently working full-time, Stacey is currently writing a book highlighting monumental learning moments in her life up until her 20th birthday. In addition to this, she is co-authoring a book recounting stories from 50 young Entrepreneurs, 2 Billion Under 20.