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Patrick Stoddart


Patrick is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who’s focused on enhancing our lives through
technology that solves actual problems.

Since he was 11, Patrick has been tinkering with technology. Starting on the family
computer, he was captivated by the ability to quickly build and iterate on ideas. His
hunger for teaching himself everything he possibly could quickly turned into a desire to
develop platforms to solve real-world problems. He built his own content management
system and licensed it to a few companies to finance his first computer (and, later, his
first car), so he could keep building.
At 16, he was frustrated by the communication struggles he observed at his high school
near Kansas City, Mo., and became convinced that technology could provide a solution.
He successfully built, implemented, and now licenses RED Alerts — a platform that
enhances and simplifies the way organizations communicate.
Patrick dropped out of college after two years to pursue his venture and follow his
passion full-time, and is today living in Kansas City, scaling his company and doing the
things he loves.